5 Benefits of an Engagement Session

Want to know the single greatest indicator to stunning wedding images? You guessed it: an engagement session.
Now, I don’t want to be one of those photographers that say engagement sessions are a must, but whatever, I’m saying it anyway. You need an engagement session.

Dramatic? Sure. But I’ve never been modest.

Engagement sessions are one of the most important things you can do during your engagement season for so many reasons. 

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Stop letting people talk you out of an engagement shoot (ahem, fiance) and get him on board by sharing these 6 benefits for taking engagement photos. 

  1. A PRE-INVESTMENT. This is the time to “try on different photographers” (so to speak). This is a great way to get to know your photographer and also to invest a little to see if this person you hired will do a job you LOVE (like your wedding) instead of paying someone a lot of money for photos you may not end up loving.

  2. CONNECTION. Is the wedding planning taking up more time than you thought? An engagement session is the time to go device-free with your fiance and connect, play, laugh and tell secrets while someone gets it all on camera. You are reconnecting with your fiance and also creating a new connection with your photographer. 

  3. CONFIDENCE BOOST. Yes it’s important that you know your photographer, but if you already looked at their website and followed them on social media, you most likely know what to expect. The kicker is that they get to know you better. Do you hate you side profile or are you self conscious about your posture? Tell them so they get to know you and highlight your best and most beautiful features to boost confidence (spoiler alert: I already think you’re stunning).

  4. PHOTOS WHERE? EVERYWHERE. Wondering what you’re going to do with these images? Think: save the dates, social media posts, plastering them on the walls of your house and hanging them up at your wedding venue.

  5. TURN HATERS INTO LOVERS. Ya know who absolutely used to hate getting photos taken? My husband. And then one day I had my friend take photos of us with my daughter (before our son was born), and ya know what he said? ”Wow, that was actually fun.” FUN! I turned my photo-hating-husband to a photo-star and this year HE suggested that we needed photos taken for Christmas cards. Not all sessions have to be stiff, stale and posed? It’s time to let loose and enjoy this time together creating an experience that lights you up.

So, are you ready to for an engagement session or what?

If so, get in touch with Diana today by clicking that button below! 

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