Photographing Inclusive Weddings
in Exclusive Locations

diana coulter

that's not you




  • disconnected
  • staged
  • inauthentic

You want more than average on your wedding day.

The good news? I believe rules were made to be broken. 

My approach to your day?

Your wedding photos should be, too. 

By now you've been to plenty of weddings, you little wedding connoisseur, you. And let's face it:

You're a whole damn vibe. 

Hey love, I'm Diana and it's my job to make you look forkin' awesome (The Good Place, anyone?). 

With a mix of co-creation, guidance and humility (on my part, of course), I serve you in a way that highlights the beauty of your relationship and the scene you choose to express it in.

Whether that's the top of a mountain or with your toes dipped in the sand, I promise to capture it all.

Capturing playful couples in a personal way in the most iconic locations ever...

hell yeah, I'll count you in! 

that's me


it's time to break the mold.

here's what it would say about me...

It's my mission to make your relationship look like the work of art it is.


peruse the portfolio...

are you obsessed yet?

I promise (the cross my heart, hope-to-die, kind) to be here for you every step of the way as your sounding board.

We'll have a plan ready before your wedding day and I'll execute it, so you can stay present on this ever-so-fleeting day.

Whether we're skipping, tripping, or gliding...

Here's how it works...

You can expect a high resolution highlight gallery within 72 hours after your wedding, and the full gallery within 8 weeks. Albums and prints will be ready within 3-4 months after the wedding day.



I'll come prepared on your wedding day with a plan and execute it. You don't have to worry about if I'm getting the shots you want because I already have your vision in mind.



After all the nitty gritty formal docs are signed + sealed, we'll get to know each other virtually or in person, create the timeline and chat all things weddings. 



so what are you waiting for?

-alex + logan

"Diana heard me when I was telling her what was important to me and before I even knew it, she offered me things I didn't even know I wanted!"

curate denver, planner

"We always tell our clients, 'find someone that you won't mind spending your entire wedding day with!' The intersection of personality and aesthetic is SO important!"

kickstart the convo

Until then, you can find me dreaming of all the places I want to travel, chasing my 3 kids, renovating the house with my partner (in true millennial fashion), or watering my plants. 

Do you accept this rose?

Probably jumped the gun there. I tend to get carried away easily excited (enneagram 7 things). Let's have a phone date and see if we're a good fit first! 

I MEAN, uhhhh, too soon.


Diana Coulter Photography proudly serves all couples of all races + genders in Colorado & worldwide.