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Just like good champagne and globetrotting is one of life’s necessities (in my personal opinion, of course), so is finding a wedding photographer that *gets* you.

And even though it's 2022, you still don't have to be a pick-me-girl. There are about a zillion wedding photographers out there (I know, I know... we're like a dime a dozen).

Now it's time to find someone you connect with.

Someone who makes sure they become (unintentionally) part of the group, part of the party, part of the fam. That's prettyyyyy much how I snap all my favorite candids.

And even though I'm not ready to give away all my secrets just yet... that is one of my favorite lil' nuggets.

It's time to narrow down the noise.

Because for better or worse-

"We looked at our photos for an hour straight. You can feel the intimacy and romanticism-all of the emotion. Thats what we love."

steph + jerry

so how do we do it?

so you get photos like no one else

mastery, artistry + creativity

to ensure comfort

creative guidance, epic locations + zoom dates


a unique experience paired with personal images so it's

so you feel like you're with an old friend


because you don't need another people pleaser

keep it real

focus on your story

we capture it better in the moment because we

so we all keep it au natural


So, how do we do it?

You want you wedding images to be:
         Epic af, and most important
         Authentic to who you are

And you’re not asking for much– just this simple oh-so-epic event that you relive over and over for years to come that's as unique and awesome as you are! 

There are 2.5 million couples getting married this year.

Let’s make sure your photos don’t look just like theirs. 

Continue the celebration long after the dress has been hung and the bouquet has been pressed, either with an heirloom album or decorative prints. 



It's time for you to take it all in: the planning, the people + the party. I'll be here as your sidekick, wingwoman + comic relief, leading the way so you can enjoy the day. 


Whether it's during your engagement session or a Zoom date to go over your questionnaire, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! :)

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So ya wanna know how it works, huh?

From the moment we met Diana we knew we were in for an adventure! We felt like we'd known her for years! Diana was quick to give us tips on how to relax and embrace the experience. Not only did she make us look amazing, but she simultaneously focused on the beauty of our surroundings.

liz + ben

"Diana’s photography is truly art and filled with emotion. I know for a fact that I would not be THIS happy with my wedding photos if I had gone with someone else."

-mary kate & zach

When all is said and done, the photos are all you have left and it's about time to display your wedding like the work of art it truly is. Whether it's prints to hang or an album that lives on for generations, it's time to display your legacy.


display your legacy

Just like your favorite song, photographs are the bridge between a memory and a feeling. Long before the big day we spend time getting to know each other, so you get those candid moments you crave. Oh, and I promise I’ll show up on the dance floor with you, so you can remember what you can’t remember... wink.


So much of the magic happens before the wedding day arrives. In addition to choosing a location that leaves us both feeling inspired and connected, I'll make sure to coach you, prompt you, and guide you so you won't even wonder about where to put your hands because you'll be so genuinely in the moment, exploring and enjoying each other (let's keep this PG, of course!).


let's getcha some pics you're obessed with, for like... ya know, ever. 

Get comfortable in front of the camera

A personal + poetic approach to your day

as featured in

Full Weekend Coverage

Oh, you want s'more?

Day after sessions

Branding + family

Welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, brunch- capture the whole weekend with the people you love. 

Iconic locations in your dress after your wedding day is over, so you can be present on your day!

Up-level your brand with professional photos. Or send the cutest family cards... basically ever.

Additional services

so what are you waiting for?

I create a custom collections, so you only see what you want and need without the fluff.

Wedding collections starting at $4500
Elopement collections starting at $1800
Engagement/couple's sessions starting at $750

And just like guac, I'm a little bit extra.

I'm not your average photographer... 

How You Doin'?

The One Where We Become Pals...

you get it,

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hit me up, buttercup!

Until then, you can find me dreaming of all the places I want to travel, chasing my 3 kids, renovating the house with my partner (in true millennial fashion), or watering my plants. 

"I'd Be Pleased To RSVP As Pending"

Probably jumped the gun there. I tend to get carried away excited easily (enneagram 7 things). Let's have a phone date and see if we're a good fit first! 

I MEAN, uhhhh, too soon.

moira rose, obvi


Diana Coulter Photography proudly serves all couples of all races + genders in Colorado & worldwide.