Because I believe your wedding photos should capture who you are– from the inside, out. 

The intersection of aesthetic and personality ...

Whether it's my mom-moves on the dance floor, my deprecating humor, or my sheer vulnerability that makes us feel like kindred spirits, I promise to keep it real with you. 

Because in order to show up comfortable and confident in front of the camera, you need to feel:

           valued, and

Oh, and you should probably have a little fun, too, wouldn't you agree? (no, but srsly... that's my favorite part.)

Whether it's my mom moves, self-deprecating humor, or my sheer vulnerability that makes us feel like kindred spirits, I promise to keep it real with you. 

Because in order to show up comfortable and confident in front of the camera, you need to feel:
          valued, and

And it probably wouldn't hurt to have a little fun, too
(no, but srsly... that's my favorite part.)

And like a therapist, I’ll make a safe space for you to get real in front of the camera.

Colorado wedding  photographer, here! 

hey, im diana!

With my camera equipment and dazzling personality, of course! Get your mind outta the gutter, silly!

Now that we've gotten that, ahem, little mishap outta the way, I thought I'd bring ya back. Wayyyyy back. And as much as I'd love to tell you about how I've been carrying around a camera since I was a wee lass, that story's over done, and it's not my story anyway.

Like a lot of other millennials my age I did pick up a camera at a young age, but I put it back down and decided to teach instead

After creating a little army of my own small humans, I decided to ditch my full-time job as a teacher and pick up that camera I put down all those years ago. 

Since then, I've learned a few things, like how a wedding day has it's own rhyme and rhythm. Like a school day, most weddings run on a timeline, but unlike a school day, everyone actually wants to be there.

Now I ask couples all over Colorado and the world to whisper dirty jokes in each others ear, while I snap some cute photos of them. It's more fun anyway because they usually let me in on the joke and then we all decide we're besties. No big.

I won't lie, this one little trick is part of my secret to helping you feel confident + worthy in front of the camera, so you can  kiss those nerves, self-doubt, and stuffy posing goodbye!

But I took a few of my teacher tricks with me, like a grade A planning skills, ability to command a room (hello, family photos!), and the ability to connect genuinely to each person I encounter.

With a feature in Rocky Mountain Bride on the National Cover and working with over 75 couples, I know real weddings aren't only about creating cover-worthy images, but creating a space that allows you how to feel cover-worthy in the process. 

Something you should probably know first: I flash people...

Something you should probably know first: 
I flash people...

a little bit of my story

our small army is made up of livi, mac, + claira

sharing some of my secrets 

apologizing in advance for my low-key humble brag

the link between teaching and wedding photography

I'm here to help you create meaningful and epic moments on your wedding day.

sayonara nerves + self-doubt.

in dancing

really is the best medicine



in telling people what they mean to us while we're


in making the present moment

over quantity



over perfection

comfort zone

magic happens at the end of our


owning your

over stuff


deserve a place at the table

fresh flowers

the big things

the little things are really

means we all win

equality & inclusion

i believe...

So, did we just become best friends?

what's next

The dress is hung and the cake has been eaten (I’m your most probable culprit), and now you’re eagerly waiting to relive your day! You can expect to see a highlight gallery within 72 hours and a full gallery within 8 weeks!



Through a series of questionnaires, goofy texts and a carefully planned timeline meeting, we get to know each other so I can a) capture all those intricacies about your story and b) make sure we have a plan for the day and execute it to relieve some of those pre-wedding jitters. 



You're engaged and excited to start planning the! After you inquire, well hop on a call, figure out your wedding experience wants + needs, and then I'll send a custom proposal your way! 



so what are you waiting for?


zodiac sign

favorite food

starbucks order



lemon flavored anything... or cookies :)

iced oatmilk mocha latte

general tidbits

work tidbits

years in business

number of weddings

former career

awards won



high school teacher

cover of rocky mountain bride magazine

Personal tidbits

years married

number of babies

favorite netflix binge

secret passion



schitts creek

interior design

travel tidbits





dominican republic

roadtripped the pnw

london & ireland

spain, gibralter & portugal

bucket list tidbits

for serenity

for romance

for bragging rights

for adventure

the cotswolds

french countryside

amalfi coast


*but really, i wanna go everywhere

Hit me up, buttercup

Until then, you can find me dreaming of all the places I want to travel, chasing my 3 kids, renovating the house with my partner (in true millennial fashion), or watering my plants. 

Do you accept this rose?

Probably jumped the gun there. I tend to get carried away easily excited (enneagram 7 things). Let's have a phone date and see if we're a good fit first! 

I MEAN, uhhhh, too soon.


Diana Coulter Photography proudly serves all couples of all races + genders in Colorado & worldwide.