Timeless, REal,

Inclusive, & Incredibly


Capturing YOUR STORY in a Bold AND MEANINGFUL way is my ROMAN EMPIRE. 

If I'm being honest, telling your story keeps me up at night. My goal? Creating a space for you that allows you to be, well, you, and the freedom to express yourself is everything to me.

Vibe Check? You got it! 


The intersection of aesthetic and personality. Fueled by good light, wanderlust, and cookies. Chasing magic like I chase my kids; laughing always.

Whether I'm building legos or putting the final touches on your album design, it's always with intention and love. I believe life is too short not to live for today. My goal? To offer you the perspective of presence with my camera so you can sink into the moment.


With a focus on organic experiences, personal connection, and an elevated look, I'll capture your day organically and intentionally to tell the story of your wedding day. With your comfort at the heart of our journey together, my goal is to share myself with you, so you feel safe to share your connection in front of me.

Creating a safe space so you can feel like you

Our Approach?

They say           
is the best investment; the                           , the more you get in return.

They say           is the
best investment; the
                             , the more you get in return.


more you give

— Audrey Hepburn


Forever enchanted by the finer things in life—caviar, champagne, and another trip to Europe, of course, DCP couples want it all. They are paradoxically down to earth and sophisticated. Bold and gracious.  Endlessly fascinated by lively conversation that can last for hours, detailed accounts of the events of the day, and are sparkling with vitality and the joy of life. They are warm, welcoming, and generous, and it's in their nature to make everyone around them feel loved and invited to the party.

Our clients are open minded, culturally aware, & prefer quality over quantity. 

We believe in...

Good Light

Equality & Inclusion

Quality > Quantity


Dance Parties


Fresh Flowers




The Little Things

Above All

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