An Emotional Winter Elopement in Breckenridge, Colorado

Mary Kate and Zach eloped in Breckenridge, Colorado at Sapphire Point in front of their closest family and friends and did it 100% their way. Even though the guest list was intimate, they opted for a first look to read their vows in private and it produced the most emotional first look I’ve ever witnessed.

It was a perfect, emotional, snowy day and I’m so grateful I was able to be part of it.

Here’s a sweet excerpt from MK and Zach about who said ‘“I Love You” first:

“MK: Zachary said ‘I love you’ first! We lived in two different states for the first 3 years of our relationship. I lived in Illinois when we first started dating, Zachary lives in Indiana. My family has a cottage in Michigan though, that we would go to on weekends (this cut down our distance from each other by an hour! Usually we’d drive 3 hours in Chicago traffic to see each other) Since we’ve always lived a bit of a distance away, we’d only see each other about every other weekend, if we were lucky. We couldn’t complain, some couples have it much worse. Both of us believe the distance made our love grow so much stronger. One night while I was visiting in Michigan, Zachary was going home after we had spent the weekend together. I can’t remember what we were even talking about, but I remember right before he kissed me goodbye, I asked, “do you still like me?” And Zachary replied, “Like you? I love you!!”  It was so obvious that it slipped. I know he meant it but he was so nervous that when he left he ran through the snow to his car. My heart was bursting, he is so cute. (I just noticed all of our best stories involve snow…)

Z: Who said I love you first, obviously me! Mary and I had so many unique challenges when we first started dating, we spent so much time in deep thought and conversation one night at her lake house in Michigan. It was one of those nights where you could literally talk until sunrise nonstop. Unfortunately, I had to take off for home that night. We walked up stairs and as we were saying our good nights Mary jokingly asked if I liked her.. my response was “Do I like you, I loveee you” which was then proceeded by me running, literally running, alllll the way down the hill to my car. The hesitation came from the short time of us talking (couple months) but the feelings were 1000000% love, there was no question.”



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