Luxury Moroccan Wedding Venues: Property Highlights

The Oberoi Marrakech Morocco Luxury Wedding Venue by Diana Coulter

If you’re looking venues for your destination wedding, then look no further than beautiful Morocco. A place where romance, adventure, and luxury intertwine. From opulent villas to serene desert retreats, these Moroccan wedding venues offer couples a luxurious escape. Truly, the perfect wedding destination for adventurous souls seeking wanderlust, warmth, and rich culture.

Amidst this enchanting landscape is a list of the most exquisite Moroccan wedding venues, each a testament to the country’s rich history and timeless beauty.

When I went, I was able to visit 3 out of the 5 I’m sharing with you, and I’m so bummed I missed them (you’ll see as you scroll which ones I visited), but I had to include them. These venues are both at the top of my list when I go back to Morocco (shamelessly manifesting here!).

In this blog you’ll see:

  • 5 Luxury wedding venues
  • Links to all the properties
  • And my experience with the 3 I visited (plus photos!)

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Palais Namaskar

We’re coming in hot with Palais Namaskar. Located in the Palmeraie region of Marrakech, this luxury wedding venue offers a blend of contemporary design and Moroccan elegance. With stunning views of the Atlas Mountains, muted tones, and luxurious amenities, this is likely an unforgettable wedding experience. You can find more wedding inspiration here.


A property I was bummed to miss, Amanjena is a peaceful oasis featuring Moorish-inspired architecture, tranquil courtyards, and a serene reflection pool. Honestly, any Aman property would be a dream to visit. And of course, will provide couples with a romantic and intimate setting for their special day.

The Oberoi

I barely have to words to talk about The Oberoi in Marrakech. The service, beauty, and equisite cuisine left me speechless. Just a short drive away from the vibrant Medina, this elegant resort embodies the essence of Moroccan hospitality with a touch of Oberoi’s legendary service. the resort exudes an air of refined elegance, with spacious rooms and suites adorned with handcrafted Moroccan furnishings, sumptuous fabrics, and modern amenities designed to ensure maximum comfort and relaxation. Each accommodation offers a private sanctuary where guests can unwind and rejuvenate amidst luxurious surroundings.

Villa Taj

Villa Taj in Marrakech is an exquisite haven of luxury and tranquility, nestled within the vibrant heart of the city. I absolutely loved this venue. From the stunning infinity pools to the rooftop terrace, this location does not disappoint. This opulent villa embodies the epitome of Moroccan elegance, offering guests an exclusive retreat where traditional charm meets modern sophistication.

Ksar Char-Bagh

I wish I was able to visit this spot. It looks like the perfect place to host an intimate wedding in Morocco for a truly luxurious experience. Nestled in a palm grove on the outskirts of Marrakech, Ksar Char-Bagh is a majestic palace hotel inspired by the architecture of ancient Moorish fortresses. It features lush gardens, luxurious suites, and impeccable service, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a truly magical wedding experience.

Okay, there you have it! My experiences at The Oberoi, Villa Taj, and Palais Namaskar have left me yearning for more of Morocco in the best way. And when I return to photograph a wedding, I will make sure to visit Amanjena and Ksar Char-Bagh. Oh, and the Sahara. And possibly the coast (wink). Have you been to any of these places? Do you love them as much as I do?!

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