Surprise Mountain Top Proposal Inspiration: Engagement Season is Finally Here!

black and white B+W photo of couple holding at hands looking t each other showing off engagement ring from snowy mountain proposal at Loveland Pass in the winter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: engagement season, my friends, and Beyonce’s about to hear crickets because there will be no single ladies ricocheting her words back to her. If you needed an excuse to head to Colorado during one of the most magical times of the year, let Ryan + Mandi’s mountain top proposal be all the inspiration you need! 

Mountain top proposals are truly some of the my favorite moments to photograph because I adore capturing real, honest emotion and I’m so excited to share this proposal with you today. This is a major proposal aesthetic if you ask me!

This latest proposal was extra special for me because I got to photograph my cousin’s proposal to his new fiance. I love this for two reasons– first and foremost, because, hello! FAMILY! And then most obviously, I was let in on the secret before anyone else, soooo… selfishly that was a nice little ego boost for me, thank you! 

And before I show you all my favorite photos, I also am so excited to let you know I’ll be releasing new blog posts for the next couple months that go in depth on planning the perfect marriage proposal, so make sure to keep checking back! 

So you must be sick of hearing me talk. I’m starting to hear a little whisper in my ear that’s saying “WE DON’T CARE, JUST GET TO THE GOOD STUFF.”

Fine, twist my arm why don’cha. Have a looksy at this surprise mountain top winter wonderland proposal below. I hope you enjoy the shit out of these photos like I do.

Want more proposal info?

If this sweet mountain top proposal inspiration from an even sweeter couple wasn’t enough for you, don’t worry. there’s more where that came from!

Shea and Daniel have an epic proposal with inspiration and tips! Check it out here.

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