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When couple’s reach out to me and ask me for tips about how to show up to their engagement session feeling, ahem, not completely awkward, we usually start by getting to know each other. A lot initial time together is spent building that connection right away so they love their engagement images no matter what […]

4 ways to show up and nail your engagement shoot (+ cute couple inspo)

Black and white photo of couple holding hands and dancing in the mountains during their playful engagement session in the snow in Boulder, Colorado with wedding photographer Diana Coulter

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When I think about a Colorado sunrise elopement, I think “dayum… that’s early af.” Yet, here I am, at my desk before anyone is awake (of course), thinking about how Colorado sunrise elopements are, hands down, my favorite…especially during the summer! I know summer sunrise elopements are earlyyyyyyy in Colorado because I’m a morning person, […]

7 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With a Colorado Sunrise Elopement


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