Jack Turns One... & Other Family Things

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One of my favorite families, and serendipitously, next door neighbors, the Whitfield Family exudes charm, warmth, and light. Our family first moved in next to their family when Livi was only a few months old, since then, we have become great friends and they have added little baby "Jack Jack" to their family. Jack was adopted at birth by Traci and Rob and completes their family in the most true way. He's brought light and joy to their life through his mellow and easy going nature, and Rob and Traci make the greatest parents. 

And I like to think we get to benefit from their love. Traci and I enjoy our girl talks and wine nights, Rob and Casey enjoy talking about house projects and landscaping, and Livi and Jack are learning together a thing or two about sharing. I am so grateful they came into our lives-- or rather, we came into theirs! Happy 1st Birthday Jack!