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I can’t even begin to describe the high that I’m on from yesterday. Getting together with women who care enough about themselves to dream big, take up space, and love themselves harder is so inspiring and motivating, and I’m so grateful for the experience we got to share and the stories we exchanged.

To improve for next time (because I’m sooooooo hoping there will be a next time), will you please fill out this quick exit survey for me? Any feedback (positive and negative alike) will help me improve this space, so all is welcome!

Thank you again for everything.

With love and gratitude,


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Please answer the following...
I got tangible tips and tools to imrpove the quality of my year.
I felt supported during the retreat.
Hearing other women's stories gave me a sense of peace.
Hearing other women's stories encouraged me.
I got what was promised at this retreat.
I feel like this was money well spent.
I want this community to continue beyond the retreat.
(10 being the absolute best, 1 being the absolute worst).
This could include business help, 1-on-1 consulting, meet ups... seriously, anything you can think of-- say it here!
Tell me here (all is welcome-- and totally encouraged!)