Sunrise Elopement on
Trail Ridge Road

Mikayla + Keegan

It would be absolutely impossible to forget this elopement. Ever. Because from the moment we made it to the top of Trail Ridge Road as the sun was just beginning to rise, a herd of elk started to make it's way across the road. (Yes, you read that right... a heard of elk!).

Not only was it the most wild, incredible, and most awe-inspiring moment I've ever experienced, it was also truly terrifying (insert nervous laughter here). 

I drove Mikayla + McKenna, the videographer and Keegan's sister, drove Keegan.

Mikayla, Keegan + I got out of the car to snap a quick shot (from a safe distance, might I add), but then the elk started to follow us.

Keeping my cool on the outside (and low-key freaking out on the inside), I tried to snap some shots while also directing us away from the elk (because the light was also incredible).

It finally got to the point where it was safer to leave, so we waved McKenna over to come save us so we didn't die. Probably an exaggeration.... or was it?

Luckily they decided we weren't a threat to them and vice-versa, so they continued to eat and so did we (lemon cupcakes from Whole Foods for breakfast? Yeah, count me in, please).

Now that you know the backstory, I hope you enjoy this incredible elopement even more. And reference this story to make sure you stay away from wild animals. :)

Safety first, friends.... safety first.

An Unforgettable Sunrise Elopement with Surprise Guests

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