Sunrise Elopement in Telluride


They planned their weddding 4 times. That's right. You heard it right... 4 times. 

Chicago natives, Aly + Austin, originally planned a Michigan wedding for May of 2020. You know what happened, so we can skip that part. 

As they kept switching plans and trying to come to a conclusion, the decided to ditch their Michigan wedding and secretly elope in Colorado. 

After living in the San Juans for 4 years, I had some secret spots up my sleeve and recommended this one in particular to Aly + Austin.

Austin was excited because he came to Telluride once for a skiing trip and definitely wanted to come back. So that took zero amount of convincing and they planned their secret elopement for August of 2020. 

Part of their day included writing out postcards to their closest people and then enjoying the rest of their trip in secret before they started to get all the calls from family and friends. 

It was the perfect secret elopement and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

4th Time a Charm

Floral: Iva Grace


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"Let the vow of this day keep itself wildly and wholly."

- Jane Hirshfield


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