Five Life Lessons I've Learned From My Husband.

Today, on March 29-- I get to celebrate the birth of one of my most favorite humans in the entire world... MY HUSBAND, Casey! This post is short and sweet. Without further adieu, allow me to introduce my man candy... Casey! 


1. NEVER TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY. I think for the most part, we're both pretty light hearted and fun loving. But he's particularly good at this. He wears bows in his hair, wears my jeans when restaurants in the Domincan Republic make him wear pants, and when I'm feeling super stressed or we're in the middle of a fight, he's always the first to make me laugh. Laugh first. Make jokes. Do silly things to keep it light and to keep it real. 


2. ATTACK THE DAY. He was the first person ever to teach me about a mantra, long before I ever found out what one was. One day (when I was just a spring chicken), I asked how the hell he got so much accomplished. He told me every morning before he go out of bed he repeated the phrase "attack the day" to himself. He made it is mission, carried it out, and always accomplished some serious shit. 



3. LISTEN. I'm not sure if you've picked up on this yet, but I am a serious talker. Get down from your soapbox, Diana... yes YOU! (okay, but also free free to laugh with me here ;)) Guess who continues to teach me the value of listening... THIS GUY! Yep.. even in this picture he's teaching me to listen, pay attention, and quit waiting to reply. 


4. GET MOVING. Listen here, I could literally spend 100 hours a day inside my house painting, cleaning, making shit, or laying on the couch watching Livi play. But Casey reminds me that I need to get outside and get moving! Keep the endorphins flowing, people! (That must be why he's so silly!) :)

5. PERSEVERE. This guy. He teaches and inspires me so much everyday about what it truly means to fight for the life you want. He climbs steep mountains and carries us all to see the view from the top. Keep showing up, keep climbing, keep being awesome! 


He's shaped who I've become-- in both big and small ways. These fundamental lessons I've learned from him continue to inspire my growth and compassion as a person. His love and compassion raised me from a girl into a woman. I'm forever grateful for you.

I love you-- Happy birthday.

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