Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

A story about generations...

My husband's (Casey) grandparents are in for a visit. I figured this was the perfect and most opportune time to get everyone together for a little fall photo shoot. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than sharing with our children the unconditional love that families provide, and that's something I want Livi to grow up knowing. More than anything in the entire world, I wish Livi got to know all of my grandparents, the people I grew up with... my best friends. And I will do almost anything I can to make sure she knows the grandparents she has.. right now she has all 4 grandparents, and 4 great grandparents. Isn't she so stinkin' lucky to have that many people love her? Well anyway, here are some of the photos from the other day.


For years long after I'm gone, all Livi will have are memories. Some memories will smell like cinnamon, like her grandma Kerri's house in the fall. And some memories will feel like sand, when she goes to Chicago and plays at the beach with her cousins and grandma on warm summer days at lake Michigan. Those memories will come softly and remind her about what it's like to be a child-- carefree, happy, and unconditionally loved. Some memories will play back through her mind like old movies-- some with song and some with laughter. And some memories will come flooding in with emotions in tow, as she browses through pictures of a life that feels so far gone. 


Photography has the power to do that-- subtly remind us what love looks like and how it feels, what it smells like and how it sounds. Photographs are doors to our past, gates to our future, and a gift in the present moment


Take the time to cherish the little things today because one day, all you'll have left are memories


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