We Just Can't Get Enough of Our Dads

Papa, Padre, Fahza, Dad... we have so many names for our dads, so many loving adjectives to describe them, but for me, what it really comes down to is the special place they hold in my heart. Dads are our supporters, encouragers, and cheerleaders. 

Really, there is no one quite like dad.  They're a uniquely similar, yet different breed. With calf length socks, gladiator sandals, and the dad t-shirts, dad's have an entire Instagram account dedicated to their stellar fashion.  But in our hearts, we all know dad's are more than they dress. 

Check out the list below of the 5 reasons why I just can't get enough of the amazing dads in my life.

1. They're caretakers. I mean, let's be real, Casey just ran to get Livi a fan at 9 pm because we're outta town and she can't sleep without one. 

2. They're genies. Moms, wives, siblings- we have a lot of ideas, dreams, and hopes (I hope I'm not just speaking for myself here...). Some we're good at, and some that maybe we aren't so good at (insert stamping kit, painting, and drawing here), but dad's are there encouraging and supporting us. Dad's are our dream nurturers and wish granters (usually by some extra funds).

3. They're the fun ones. This one is a hard one for me to admit, generally because I think to my jokes generate a lot of giggles, however, I know that when push comes to shove, I'm just not as carefree and light-hearted as dad. 

4. They're the grill masters. Please don't ask me to cook outside. I have zero interest in this activity. But dads have this desire to be one with nature... I think this is how they get it?

5. They're Mr. Fix-Its. Whether dad is kissing a boo-boo or building a bookcase, dad's are there to make our lives easier, better, and more enjoyable.

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dad's out there, all the wanna-be dads, soon to be dad's, and the dad's no longer with us. Thank you for bringing meaning, joy, and laughter to our lives simply by being you.

Diana CoulterComment