5 ways to put the magic back in the holiday season


As a child I remember Christmas being the most magical time of year. It was full of wonder and excitement, joy & kindness. I know a lot of it had to do with presents, gifts, and staying off the naughty list, but as my role has morphed into tradition maker versus tradition follower, I often feel compelled to relive the magic that existed in my childhood. Here are a few ways that help me add the wonder back to Christmas.

  1. PRACTICE SELF-CARE. Cards, gifts, budgeting, ahhh the mayhem! If I’m not thinking about one thing, I’m thinking about my entire to do list. Enter self-care: an act I believe allows me to give more willingly to the people I love. Some ways I practice self care: meditating, going on a walk alone, working out, creating (photography, knitting, etc), journal, or reading. Often time these acts are acts of being fully mindful and involved in what I’m doing without numbing out. These are things I do for myself to help my mind, body, and soul.  

  2. BE THE LIGHT. Practicing kindness when you’re having a rough day can be tough, but sometimes it’s all about how you wake up in the morning. I like to wake up 5 minutes earlier than everyone to gather my thoughts, meditate, pray, hold a warm cup of tea, and just be. This helps me create a mindset for being kind to others, since I started the day being kind to myself.

  3. PRESENCE OVER PRESENTS. Unplug. Sit down. Enjoy whatever you’re doing in the exact moment. The best gift you can give someone is time. Heck, the best gift you can give yourself is time.

  4. CREATE TRADITIONS. When I was little, the best part of Christmas was doing all the fun traditions that we don’t do throughout the year. My dad would light his little log cabin incense, we would string popcorn and cranberries. On Christmas Eve we would all open one present and then watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” together. With my own family, we’ve started our own fun traditions like buying meaningful ornaments that represent our year together, and decorating our tree listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate.  

  5. GIVE GRATITUDE. “Gratitude turns what you have into enough.” I love giving little and meaningful gifts, and even things people want, but at the end of the day, when I write out my gratitude list, Christmas is not about the stuff. It’s about the love & joy we give to others.

The magic of the holiday season still exists, if we take time to appreciate the little things, create our own magic, and rest.

To create more magic, I've created a little guide, or challenge to help you infuse more joy, simplicity, and magic back into your holiday season. Download your free guide below.


I hope you enjoyed this little post and it's given you some ideas for your holiday season! I'd love to hear about it, and I hope you get a chance to download your free guide! Let me know what you think in the comments below, dear friends! 

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