Why trusting your journey will melt your heart in a happy puddle

It was a day like any other: I walked through the front door after work, child in tow, threw everything on the counter, and dashed out the door headed for the park for fresh air and connection.

What ended up being a particularly emotional day at work left me feeling completely transformed by the end of our walk. When we started walking I was so distracted, but mindful of staying grounded during our time together. I also have this goal to spend one hour of my day completely devoted to Livi— no phone, no TV, no distractions, just Livi. 


Yet still, I was distracted and disengaged. I was emotionally and physically exhausted. As I was walking to the park, the hustle engulfed me. With every notion that pulled her to stop to pick up sticks, and rocks, and leaves, I pushed back. I was in a rush to spend my time with Livi so I could relax and numb out (feel free to nominate me for mother of the year).  That is, until we finally turned the corner.


It was then that we both saw the puddle....

She rushed to play, and I initially rushed to stop her. It was the beginning of our game. It was the beginning of surrender.


At first I shunned the puddle. Ugh- the disgust of the dirt and mess it will bring in the house... how dare this puddle show it's face! As it turned out, this puddle was a true reflection of my life. I needed this puddle just as much as Livi needed it. I needed life's lessons that day. I needed to be reminded that no amount of rushing or hurrying can change my course of action. I needed to be reminded to do life more like my beautiful toddler teaches me how: to play more, love more, and be fully alive in every moment. 


She beat me to it. She got to the puddle, and before I could stop her, she was already two feet in. Watching the excitement and presence she was experiencing was magnetic. And this puddle.. well, then of course, reflected my heart... as it was melting, and soaring, and loving.

Casey and I may be teaching her about life, but she is teaching us how to live. And there's more gratitude, love and emotion in that statement that I could ever put into words. 

We all have the same endpoint, so why are we rushing it? There's so much beauty and love in our journey, and when we take time to fully embrace the entirety of it, we realize the gifts-- both good and bad are leading us to a life we're creating right now. All we need to do is pause and trust that our journey is meant for us.