Playful + Adventurous Fall Engagement Session


Kirbi + Nate had one of *thee* most epic engagement sessions to date. Ya know when everything just runs smoothly including the weather? Yeah, that was what this day was all about. 

We planned their engagement session for the last weekend in September (side note: that's one of the most popular times here in Colorado, so make sure to schedule this way in advance).

They saw meese (moose, plural?). They laughed the entire time. Nate wore sick socks and they were met with an incredible sunset. The only thing I have left to say is that the Gods were with them and they are cool af. Oh, and really tall. And they make great fashion choices. 

The got stunning candids, great light, and superb bloopers. What can I say. It's my photographer dream. They lived it. 

I have enjoyed pretending like I made this all so easy by showing you this epic session, but in reality, they are just that awesome and they did all the work. So sit back, relax and enjoy their sweet session! 

Moose (Meese?), Fall Leaves + Epic Light

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"I don't know who we'll become in the days ahead. I only know the quiet voice in my heart that says we'll become it together."

-brian andreas


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