Client Questionnaire

Yay! We’re working together and I’m about to tag along with you on some of your most important days ever— wahoo! To get to know you better as a couple, I thought I would ask ya a few questions that would help me navigate who you really are!

With that said, answering these questions as honestly as possible would help me out (time a trillion!).

Mom's Name *
Mom's Name
Dad's Name *
Dad's Name
Due Date *
Due Date
Anniversary Date *
Anniversary Date
If you don't have a song picked out, what song would you choose to describe your relationship right now?
Please check any in-home session locations you want me to shoot in: *
How comfortable are you with nudity? *
NO photos will appear anywhere on the internet without your permission.
It can be physical or how you feel because of your pregnant body. It's also good to have both partner's perspective. Casey used to tell me he thought I was superwoman. <3
Again, include both partners here.