the love series interview

If ya guys don't know what The Love Series is by now, you can take a looksy here. But, to give you the quick 411- it's basically an interview where you get to share your love story: how it all began, lessons you've learned, and the hope you have for your future. I truly believe every single couple-- married or not, carries wisdom and truths. And because I focus my photography on knowing you as a couple from the inside out, I believe other people should too.


How you can write to protect you:

  1. Don't share anything you don't want the world to know about-- remember, this is the World Wide Web, here. 
  2. Make peace with your story before sharing (kinda goes along with #1).
  3. Answer honestly and truthfully, but also, feel free to be vague in areas in which ya don't wanna go too much in depth. 


How I share to protect you:

  1. Before this goes live, I'll send this to you first so you can tell me YAY or NAY. I will only share this if I have your consent 100%.
  2. My job is to share stories of experience, strength, and hope. NOT to expose or exploit you. I will never share your story to benefit myself or my blog. 
  3. You have the final say. Period. With photos and words.


Beyond anything, I am so grateful for YOU! You are taking the time our of your busy lives to answer questions that will be on my website for my work. Your participation and dedication to your story is so inspiring, and it's kinda why I do this work in the first place. Thank you for your dedication to your happy & healthy relationship. Without you and your story, this blog series wouldn't be possible. <3 

Without further adieu, here is the survey:

Name 1 *
Name 1
I won't use your last name.. but I just can't take this off. Face palm.
Name 2
Name 2
Go in depth here. Gimme your back story. Did you meet a long time ago and reconnect, or meet and knew right away it was love at first sight? Paint me a picture with your words!
Did you read books? Attend a small group? Just some ideas... make sure you're thorough (but also refer to the directions above). :)
Basically, what has your S.O. taught you?