Mastermind Questionnaire

Hey Ladies! Masterminding with you two brilliant geniuses has been a dream come true so far, and I can’t wait to see how our businesses continue to move forward in 2019 as we hit our goals, markers, and points of success. In order to create some more structure in our mastermind, as well as use this group as a tool to hit our goals, I’ve come up with a questionnaire to see what we’re really needing and wanting from this group for our businesses to grow. In order for this to be effective, we all have to answer as honestly as we can, and then we can check out the results next time we meet, or in the beginning of January— whichever comes first. I’ll fill this out too!

Name *
Starting in January, can you commit to meeting once per week? *
Do you believe it's important to prepare ahead for each meeting to use time wisely?
If so, what preparation is ideal for you?
Check all that apply.
What tools would be helpful for the group to have?
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Besides catching up and holding each other accountable, what else do we want from our meetings?
Maybe we create new structure for these meetings based on what we're needing... just an idea.