The Story of Taylor & Shaye (and other such things)

More than anything really, is my interest in loving better and learning how to do it. Wisdom from couples I admire (no matter what age) is my favorite way to learn about loving better. 

When I was Taylor’s teacher, I knew her as a vibrant, magnetic, and mature young woman. This is still true today! I know part of Taylor’s gift is her belief in God and her spirituality practice, which is what drew her to Shaye, and vice versa.

What can often be considered taboo, or awkward to talk about, today on The Love Series, we’re diving head first into spirituality (a power greater than oneself), the positive impact it has on your relationship, and how Taylor and Shaye connect together through their faith to create a strong foundation for their marriage. 

If this is a subject that makes you uncomfortable, please, by all means feel free to skip through the text and view their awesome engagement session. If, however, spirituality, faith, and a high quality marriage interest you, please— read on!

So then, how does spirituality influence a marriage?

According to the study, “Marital Health and Spirituality,” by Paul Gilbin, PhD, spirituality influences the way we communicate, deal with conflict, commit to one another, find community, and reconcile. 

When putting spirituality into practice, couples tend to communicate better (Gilbin, 2004). Call it prayer, meditation, or breathing techniques, but these support systems we set up for ourselves when practicing spirituality also allow us to pause with our partners, giving space for healing, responsibility, and growth. 

Conflict, another inevitable human experience that involves suffering, loss, and death is often views by spiritual couples “as normative to the spiritual journey redemptive for meaningful and personal growth (Gilbin, 2004).”

I could expand on this article and subject for days on days on days— but I’ll save it. Now, I invite you in to the beginning of this beautiful and healthy love story— Taylor and Shaye! 


How they met

Back in the summer of 2013, Shaye and I at the Rocky Mountain church camp. My sister, Nicole, was excited to introduce us because she thought it was so cool that my middle name is Shea and his first name is Shaye. At that point in life I had a boyfriend, so Shaye and I got to small talk and then we saw each other’s lives through social media for a while. Two years later we were back at the same camp the same week as leaders this time and not as youth. Both adult leaders, we re-connected, but this time he was in a relationship, so we caught up a little and went our separate ways again. Two years later Shaye reached out to me and drove to Colorado to visit! This handsome man has been a friend since 2013 and now he is my soon to be husband!


How Shaye Proposed to Taylor

Shaye planned a trip for our families to meet in Colorado! To top it off, Shaye flew my best friend, McKenzie, in from Texas to surprise me! I hadn't seen her in months and I had been telling him how much I missed her and needed to see her soon. This is where it gets even better :) My best friend just started her own photography business in Texas, she asked me if Shaye and I would get all dressed up and she would take pictures of us in front of the mountains and sunset for her website. Shaye and I were dancing (our favorite pastime) and he spun me around and then proceeded to hold me from behind. Mckenzie told him to take a step back and told me to look at the mountains... (I thought it was my time for individual shots haha). I am posing it up thinking she is taking pictures of just me, then she tells me to turn around and face Shaye. As I turned around there he was the love of my life down on one knee!!!! (DREAM COME TRUE)!!!  And I of course said YES!! I was so surprised and apparently oblivious to all the signs leading up to the best moment of my life! Our whole family was inside watching the whole thing and we were able to celebrate for the rest of the night with an engagement party! He paid attention to getting to know me and incorporated all of my favorite things and favorite people into the best night of my life!  


Planning to propose? Read this!

Try your hardest to keep the whole entire process and proposal a surprise! And always, always, always pay attention to detail— both big and small things that are important to her. For an example, early on in our relationship Taylor mentioned always dreaming of having family and her best friend there when she was proposed to and made sure that dream came true. Enjoy every second of the planning process up until the proposal! 


What did your faith look like before you met?

A relationship with Jesus has always been number one in both of our lives! Since I can remember I have had a relationship with the Lord, it has always been an important part of my life. My morals and values stem from my life being rooted in Jesus. Same goes for Shaye, since he can remember he has always focused on the importance of his relationship with Jesus. We have both prayed for our future spouse since we can remember. And now here we are looking at one another knowing that one of our biggest prayers has been answered! Shaye and I both made the commitment when we were younger to wait for marriage to give ourselves to someone. It is a beautiful thing that without even knowing each other when we were younger we made the exact same decision and have held to it. I remember one of the first times I ever met Shaye back in 2013 I admired his heart for people and how it was evident how much he cared and loved people. Shaye also says that is one of the first thing he noticed about me was how much I love people. Love is a very powerful thing that we both have always believed is a very important aspect of everyday life. Shaye is devoted to serving others through going on mission’s trips in the USA and also out of the country. I too have been on several mission’s trips in states and out of the country. It is so amazing that we both love to serve and love people and do so through missions before even meeting and now we can do it together!! 


How their faith has influenced their relationship

We both have always been very intentional with the way we treat others and the choices we make in everyday life. We have always tried to have our actions match our words. Every choice we make we want it to show that we have a relationship with Jesus. It is so amazing that Shaye and I both have committed our life to having a relationship with Jesus and we both strive to be the best versions of ourselves rooted in Christ and now we can continue this into marriage! 

Best advice they’ve ever received about marriage

Shaye and I both have had such a beautiful example of what a healthy marriage looks like. We admire our parents and how they have set an example of a Godly marriage. We look up to both sets of parents. We feel so blessed that they are still so madly in love after 22 years (Shaye’s parents) and 28 years (my parents) of marriage! They’ve taught us the importance of always pursuing and dating each other even when you are married, to never go to bed angry, and to always put God at the center of your marriage. We’ve received so much advice from our parents, not only words but actions our whole lives.


Why they believe their faith is a strong foundation for their marriage

Having a relationship with Jesus has molded Shaye and I into the people we are today. We believe that loving others and loving each other is a choice and it’s something that we will continue to do for the rest of our lives. We strongly believe when it comes to love, being selfless is a big part! When we aren’t focused on self and our own needs it becomes easier to love and serve others. With this being said, God is the greatest example of what love looks like. We strive to love others like Jesus loves us. 

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” 

This is a scripture that Shaye and I have always tried to live by when it comes to loving others. Now we will strive every single day to love each other like this.



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