Ideal Client Survey

If you're here right now, in this moment, it's because YOU are my ideal client, and one day my hope is that we get the chance to work together. Because I value your opinions and life SO much, taking this survey would really help me out, and in turn, hopefully I am able to serve YOU better as a business owner! Thank you so much for taking the time our of your BUSY life to help. Being as thorough as possible would help me out. I am in no rush to get this back, but anything will do. 

Everything you share on this survey is completely and 100% private. I will not share this information with anyone (including my husband!). If there is a question that would feel uncomfortable answering, feel free to skip it or ask me about it.

Again, thank you so much! You're the best <3

Name *
Example: when you're hanging out on instagram, who's accounts are you obsessing over and why? In real life, where & when do you love to spend your spare time, and why?
Target vs. Walmart? Amazon or Ebay? Lululemon or generic yoga pants? You get the idea...
This can be big and little things (i.e. a promotion, orrrr seeing your sister, or getting snail mail). Tell me as many as you can.
When you're in research mode, where do you go? Google? Certain blogs? Books? Magazines? Twitter? Your mom?
Be specific here. Do you listen to music in the morning while you're getting ready, watch TV, or are you putting your makeup on in the car (like me)? As best as you can, outline your day with specific times of what your typical day looks like.
Ex: challenges and/or frustrations with hiring a photographer... Fears and worries around hiring a photographer...
Give specific reasons.
Paint me a detailed picture here. Where were you? Who were you with? What feels did you have? Did you laugh, cry, or both?
Where are you? How does it feel? Who's there? Is it intimate or large scale?
This could be great photos, a picturesque venue, or staying true to your unique style (or anything else that matters).
It can be more than one question! :)