Engaged, now what? How to celebrate and plan in the first month!

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Omg omg omg. You just got engaged, and it’s the very best day of your life, and you have to tell everyone, and wait—

“No, Mom, I’m not sure about the venue.”

“Best friend, no, I don’t know who’s going to be in our wedding party yet.”

“Dad, our budget? Wait. What? Can we talk about money later, please?”

Everyone— HOLD THE PHONES! Didn’t you just hear me?!? I’m marrying my BFF in the whole world! Can’t we pause there for a sec?

Sick of answering all the logistics and just wanna celebrate and do fun things?! You better believe I getcha, sister!

It’s time to hone in on the central thesis of the night— you’re engaged! Your life is changing, and moving, and the universe is celebrating the love of two very amazing people here! If that’s not the biggest news, well, I don’t know what is.

So, now that you’re engaged... what’s next?

Here’s a quick little list of all my faves for ya— some guidance— something to help ya out during that first month after you get engaged!

  • Tell all your closest peeps before it goes social. Call, group message, FaceTime, whatever, but make sure to include all the most important people in your life first before you go social. Keep it personal ❤️. The people who love you the most will be most excited for you, and that in itself is something to celebrate!

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  • Pop the bubbly! If celebrating didn’t immediately come to your mind, let’s redirect here— this time in your life is soooooo worth honoring in a big way!! Invite everyone— your gal pals, or just you two! But make space in your life to go out and include your favorite people in on this moment. This might take a couple weeks of planning a fun dinner or manicure sesh, and that’s okay!

Colorado Rocky Mountain Ski Keystone Engagement Photographer-1.jpg
Colorado Rocky Mountain Ski Keystone Engagement Photographer-2.jpg
  • Get a fun thing. Ever see those Feyoncé shirts, bride and groom mugs, or cute little wedding candles that light up your heart? Indulge a little in this moment— YOU’RE A BRIDE— A FIANCE— and this is the only time ever that gets to happen, so own it! Yes, I realize you’ll be potentially buying dinner for a lot of fabulous humans… but indulging just a little can’t hurt, right?

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  • Create a Pinterest Wedding/Elopement board. Like you don’t have one already... amiright? Buutttttt, now you can make it public. :) Pin beautiful dresses, colors, locations, and photos. Then go back and find the trends throughout your board and start narrowing down your aesthetic for your wedding or elopement. I love the visuals Pinterest can provide because it gives you and your vendors some visuals (yay for direction!).

  • Research photographers and follow them on Instagram (wink). The most exciting (and perhaps stressful) thing to do is begin planning and booking vendors. You want your photographer to feel like one of your besties... and for a good reason! Your photographer is the one person who will be with you the entire day, and for longer than just your wedding day if you choose to do an engagement shoot— research wiselywhat connection do you have with them? Would you want to be their best friend? Do you trust this person is going to do the best possible job, while being honest, clear, and super-de-duper fun? Taking engagement photos is such an exciting way to practice getting comfortable in front of the camera, as well as a way less stress free way to start having this time together captured!]

  • Insure that bad boy. Girlfran, you got stacks of cash on your left hand, and dammmnnnnnn, that thang must be heavy to lift. Right now, call your insurance agent and insure the heck out it. No excuses. Make time for this one.

Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park Flagstaff Wedding Engagement Photographer-1.jpg
Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Engagement Photographer-1.jpg
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  • Go dress shopping. What better way to get excited about your big day?! Are you more private and laid back? Cool, take your mom and sisters. Love and enjoy a good crowd? Now’s the time to get your crew together for festivities. Dress shopping (even when you don’t find the right dress) is soooo exciting. Even if you’re secretly eloping, sharing this exciting experience with at least one other person you love and trust can really elevate the excitement level!

  • Look at your numbers! Okay, so even if you don’t set an airtight budget, looking at your numbers is important! What/who can you afford? Where can you cut back and what/who are you dying to splurge on? Ignoring this will not cause this to go away, so I encourage you to get a little uncomfortable and start to be intentional with where you want your money to go! YES, it’s a big expense. NO, it doesn’t have to feel heavy or take away excitement. Seeing numbers should hopefully provide some clarity for you. Wahoo!

Friends, this isn’t sage advice— you get to be engaged however you want— yippee!! I just think it’s important to blur the lines between celebration and gettin’ down to biz. I just makes it more fun (IMO). :)

Did I miss anything? Would you do something different? I’d love to know! Share below in the comments!

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