Client Questionnaire

Yay! We’re working together and I’m about to tag along with you on a fun family adventure to capture the essence of who you are. To get to know you better as a family, I thought I would ask ya a few questions that would help me navigate who you really are!

With that said, answering these questions together as a couple (or as a family) would really help me get the full picture. I’m so excited and grateful for our shoot and can’t wait to work together.

Partner 1's Name *
Partner 1's Name
Partner 2's Name *
Partner 2's Name
Think: road trip songs, silly songs, songs that make you think of each other.
What about this stage of life do you cling to? What do you want to remember most? Your daughter's "take on the work" personality? Your son's curious nature? The way your husband plays with the kids? Go in detail here. Lean into your emotions.