Client Questionnaire

Yay! We’re working together and I’m about to tag along with you on some of your most important days ever— wahoo! To get to know you better as a couple, I thought I would ask ya a few questions that would help me navigate who you really are!

With that said, answering these questions as honestly as possible would help me out (time a trillion!).

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Wedding/Elopement Date *
Wedding/Elopement Date
Anniversary Date *
Anniversary Date
If you don't have a song picked out, what song would you choose to describe your relationship right now?
Will you be writing your own vows? *
When celebrating, do you prefer to cheers with... *
I'm about to list some date ideas (or experiences-- whatever ya call it) below for you (feel free to tackle them all!). Choose three that you would most likely do. *
Sometimes, I look at lists like this and think to myself, "Oh yes, ideal Diana would do this with ideal Casey... but then it doesn't work (that's life, right?). ANSWER AS HONESTLY AS YOU CAN HERE ABOUT WHAT YOU WOULD MOST LIKELY DO.
Think about specific words here. You already told me about your favorite date, but not tell me a little about your typical dating life. Use this area to reflect here. :)