Rachel + Cole found me after they booked their wedding at North Star Gatherings, so we decided to do their engagement there at a little bar called West Bound + Down and at St. Mary's Glacier (you can see more of their engagement here).

Because Rachel's in news she wanted to make sure to keep the day very photojournalistic which worked out well because that's my main focus for the day. 

As for the couple, Rachel + Cole spend a lot of time outdoors and have even renovated an old camper to bring along on their trips. A big reason they choose North Star Gatherings as their venue was because of the modern look indoors, but also because the view is insane. 

Unfortunately, due to the smoke from a few fires in the area in early August, it made the views a bit difficult to enjoy. I personally think it made for some incredible light and added a lot of uniqueness to their day.

Overall, we were able to capture the vision of their day in a candid and chic way, while also still bringing those sweet natural elements into focus like they dreamed. 

Oh, and we made SURE to include great photos of their epic dance party!

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